cyndieCyndie Found E-RYT 200®, YACEP®

Cyndie was drawn to teaching as a way to share her deep love of yoga with her community. Her own dedicated practice started shortly after she was told she had developed Type 2 diabetes. She found yoga played a large role in stabilizing her life and improving her overall health. This motivated her to learn more about yoga and deepen her personal practice. After many years of seeing benefits from her practice, she decided to take the next step and train as a teacher so she could share the fun of class and the experience of increased wellbeing with others.

Cyndie loves to explore various yoga styles and blend interesting aspects of each style into her personal practice and teaching. While Vinyasa (Flow) is her favourite, she enjoys all styles of yoga and takes great care when teaching to use a style and intensity that best suits the occasion and the group. Yoga is for everyone so by default all her classes include options for body variations, differing experience level and movement limitations. She wants her classes to be a safe space for students to play with the movement and make discoveries that will grow and enrich their personal practices.

Cyndie greatly enjoys the continuing exploration and inquiry that is a hallmark of yoga so she invests plenty of time in learning from her students, from her own teachers, from workshops and courses, from regular reading of books and current research articles and from her own experiments done during home practice. She integrates any newly gained knowledge into her classes to make sure they remain fresh and continually evolve. This on-going learning currently includes enrollment in a 300 hour teacher training program and has also included several workshops and courses with internationally recognizable teachers.

To learn more about Cyndie’s experience and training, please see her teacher profile at Yoga Alliance:

erinErin Watt B.Sc., B.Ed, RMT

Erin’s background is in science and she was skeptical about yoga until she started regular yoga classes in 2010. Under advisement from a doctor, the goal was to gain more flexibility. Early on in her practice, it became evident that there were many physical benefits to yoga, but it was the spiritual side, the integration of mind, body, and breath, that made the experience magical.

Erin trained under Laurie Howe at Pranashanti and completed her HYT-200 in June 2014.

As a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Erin naturally gravitates to gentle hands-on adjustments in her classes. She is passionate about continued education and completed the Yoga Tune Up® certification in 2015.

Erin’s teaches Hatha Yoga, Yoga Tune Up®, and Yoga Tune Up® Ball Therapy. She often collaborates with other yoga instructors to offer workshops such as Thai Yoga Bliss, Yoga For Your Soles, and Somatic Tune Up.

The greatest gift yoga has given Erin is the ability to ground herself when life is a whirlwind; yoga gives her the tools to balance her massage therapy clinic with her growing family.


bccy1Tomoko Honda RMT

Tomoko was a national-level soft-tennis athlete in Japan for 15 years. Although this experience was very rewarding, the level of performance was physically demanding and as a result caused her many different types of injuries, often requiring treatment.

During this time it occurred to Tomoko that she would like to use her knowledge and experience to help others who are experiencing injuries and pain. This led her down the path of Registered Massage Therapy. After an extensive education, she was registered in 2007, and is currently working at a cancer rehabilitation clinic as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Tomoko also began practicing yoga 10 years ago. Practicing yoga can connect the mind and body, improve focus, and relieve both physical and mental stresses. And one of the things that attracted her to yoga is that it can be focused on prevention as a key method for maintaining individual health.

In 2013 she began the Yoga Tune Up teacher training course in order to teach others. The Yoga Tune Up program can prevent issues by focusing on the 4 Ps: Pain, Posture, Performance and Proprioception. Combining her Registered Massage Therapist knowledge with the tenets of Yoga Tune Up has resulted in a program that is effective and enjoyable.

Tomoko is passionate about teaching others. She provides a caring environment for others to learn, regardless of whether they are brand-new to experienced levels. She looks forward to seeing you in her class!