Class descriptions

GENTLE BEGINNER YOGA: This class introduces yoga to anyone just starting out and offers a safe place for those who want a more gentle practice. Students will be introduced to basic yoga postures and the instructor will offer plenty of hands on adjustments, ensuring students are safe and performing postures correctly.  Lots of props will be used and lots of fun will be had! Suitable for absolute beginners with little or no yoga experience

HATHA YOGA: The goal of Hatha Yoga is to create balance between the physical body, mind and energy. This class moves students through asanas (physical postures) to increase flexibility and mobility in the joints, strengthen and stretch the muscles and build endurance. Breathing techniques to expand lung capacity and meditations to calm the mind round out the class leaving participants feeling relaxed and tranquil. Plenty of variations will be offered, allowing more advanced students to go further, while providing an opportunity for other students to rest or explore easier options. Suitable for students with varying abilities, some yoga experience is recommended.

HATHA FLOW:  Flow classes move asanas (postures) from one to another in connected sequences, linking the moves with breath while still holding basic postures long enough to teach proper alignment in fundamental poses. Previous yoga experience recommended.

YOGA TUNE-UP: This class uses small balls to role on particular muscles groups to alleviate tension. It is an advanced and specialized fitness format that builds “posture, and performance”. This class helps participants to release unhealthy tension patterns and blind spots, discover a “new normal” and continue to improve themselves even after the class. Some yoga experience recommended.

YOGA POWER FOR YOUTH (age 7 to 10):  Boost your child’s self esteem, awareness and body image. Through cooperative movement and creative mindfulness and focus games, children will learn the yoga basics while having fun tuning into their body, thoughts and emotions. Breath practices will be explored to illustrate their power in calming fidgety bodies and busy, anxious minds. No previous yoga experience is required.